What is beewax wrap ?


It’s a shrink plastic film and aluminium foil  green alternative. It fits with all kind of containers, it can wrap your sandwiches, cheese, fruits while letting food breathe naturally and being preserved more longer.

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How our wrap is natural?


It’s composed by organic white cotton coated with beewax, pine resin and organic sunflower oil. Beewax is naturally antibacterial. All our wrap's components are suitable for food contact.


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How our wrap is sustainable? 


It has a one year lifecycle. It just needs a soft and gentle cleaning with cold and soapy water to be reusable. 

For example on a one year basis, 6 wraps sheets can replace 3 to 5 shrink wraps or aluminium foils. At the end of life the product can be fully composted or used as a firelighter.

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