How Alternative Plastic Wrap Keeps Food Fresher

Plastic wrap has a tendency to suffocate food. This means that, while you are using it to preserve food, it’s actually having the opposite effect. This is why it’s important to search for an alternative plastic wrap. At Indutex, we’re excited to present to you food beeswax wrap.
The natural food wrap is made up of organic white cotton and, then, coated with organic sunflower oil, pine resin, and bee wax. The wax is naturally antibacterial, making it suitable for food contact. Perhaps the best part is that it can be used to wrap all sorts of different foods. The alternative plastic wrap breathes better, allowing food to stay preserved for longer.
When you’re not suffocating your food, whether it is fresh veggies, cheese, or even your sandwiches for lunch, the ingredients are going to last longer. The problem is that most people wrap their food so tight that there’s no chance of it getting fresh air.
With our sustainable food wrapping paper, you allow your food to breathe. Plus, with the unique ingredients that are within the wrap, it can mold and adhere to itself. This way, you can make sure that your food is properly wrapped without it falling apart.
You’re not going to find sustainable food wrapping paper like this just anywhere. This has the ability to not only keep your food fresher but help you to save money, too. The wrap has a one-year lifecycle, allowing it to be cleaned and reused over the course of the year.
Consider how much foil and plastic wrap you go through over the course of the year. You can continue to use Beewrap so that one purchase lasts you the same amount of time.
Shop for your Beewrap today by the sheet or by the roll.

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