Why is reusable beeswax wrap better?

Consider how many rolls of plastic wrap you go through in a year. If you’re using it to wrap up produce, leftovers, sandwiches, and more, you might go through quite a few rolls. This plastic can be damaging to the environment, too.
With beeswax food wrap from Indutex, we’ll show you that it’s better for you and the environment.
Why is it better for you? Whether you buy by the roll or the sheet, it can be reused. The wrap can be gently washed and reused over the course of a full year. Your investment lasts longer so you’re not spending as much money.
Additionally, the wrap is composed of white cotton along with a coating made of beewax, pine resin, and sunflower oil. It’s all safe for food contact while also allowing the food to breathe more naturally. Plastic wrap doesn’t offer those same perks, so food ends up dying under the plastic instead of thriving.
Why is it better for the environment? It’s fully sustainable and made of natural ingredients. Since the product can be reused, it’s not going to create more inside of the landfills. Plus, when the product has reached the end of its lifecycle, it can be used as either a firelighter or mixed into your compost.
Reusable beeswax wrap is being touted as a better solution in the kitchen because of all that it can do. Beeswax is naturally antibacterial, so it’s safe on food. Plus, your warm hands will help to mold the paper and allow it to adhere to itself or a plate so that you get the best wrap and seal that you could ask for.
Your kitchen deserves beeswax food wrap – and once you start using it, you’ll get to see the benefits for yourself.

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